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10 Design And Storage Tips To Make The Most Of Your Small Office


Working in a small office does not necessarily mean sacrificing comfort and functionality.

There are storage solutions and ways to make small spaces look and feel just as cozy, convenient, and spacious.

Choosing a smart design and following some simple rules is the key to transform your small office space into a functional, practical, and beautiful space.

Below are Creative Office Design Ideas to Consider;

1. Choose office furniture and arrange them wisely

When dealing with tight spaces, every inch matters.

Be careful in choosing and arranging the essential office furniture. It is crucial for it to be functional and comfortable. Most importantly, it should not consume too much space.

If you cannot find the right size in a reputable furniture shop, have it custom made.

2. Use vertical spaces

Think vertically if you are choosing cabinets and storage units. If necessary, choose one that can reach the ceiling.

Aside from helping you keep the office organized and tidy, these storage units will help keep the space clear since they can accommodate more documents and materials than the usual office storage solutions.

This office design tip will also create the illusion of a larger space.

3. Go paperless

You do not have to keep all your files and documents in paper form.

Today, you can securely keep them in the cloud. Cloud storage will also allow ease of accessibility.

By minimizing the amount of paper files, you will surely get more spaces for other office supplies and essentials or keep your office looking bigger and clear.

4. Get rid of cables

Whenever possible, you must choose wireless solutions.

This way, your office will look tidier, bigger, and more organized. Cables often create a cramped feeling, most especially when they are all running loose across your office.

If a wireless solution is not possible, organize those cables.

You can use a rain gutter as a cable manager. And don’t forget to label both ends of all the cables with cable tags.

Proper labeling will prevent you from wondering if you are unplugging the right cable, and getting stuck under your desk.

5. Use mirrors

The effect that mirrors can make is surprising. Mirrors make the room appear bigger since it reflects light.

Furthermore, they tend to be extremely decorative. Be sure, however, to choose the right size mirror and position it in the right location.

6. Be minimalist with decor

Make your office as inviting as possible. However, if you have a small office space, you must go easy on decorations so as not to make the room feel cramped and smaller than it is.

You just have to keep some decorative items to liven up the limited space.

7. Declutter

Clutter is considered the absolute death of small offices. Therefore, remove everything that you do not need.

Organize all office materials in the right place.

Keeping all the clutter at bay will make the office look organized, engaging, and more spacious.

8. Use bright paint colors

One of the most effective and easiest ways to create the illusion of bigger space is to paint the small office in a bright color like beige, white, yellow or light green.

Aside from making space appear larger, most people consider bright hues as positive, motivating and energizing.

9. Don’t skimp on the lighting

Good lighting is crucial. A change in lighting can significantly shift the appearance of a small office space.

Use general lighting to enhance the place; bright lights for tasks requiring it; and quiet back-lighting on the monitors to prevent eyestrain.

When dealing with spaces with little to no natural light, lighting is vitally important. Refrain from using floor lamps because they take up too much space.

10. Organize office supplies based on frequency of use

When organizing and storing office supplies, determine how often you use them instead of where you use them.

If you are using a stapler puller daily, make sure to place it on your desk. But for a scanner that you use three to four times a year, consider placing it on top or inside the cabinet.

Items that you do not use frequently must have no space on your space- constrained desk.

Final word

Introducing elements of bright colors, proper lighting for work, and getting rid of clutter will go a long way towards achieving a functional and enjoyable office even if you are tight on space.

Do not let your cramped office get you down. Follow these great tips to make the most out of the limited space.

Author BIO

Post by Lisa Jackson is the General Manager of The Box Self Storage Services LLC. She has been with the company since arriving in Dubai for the past four years, and with over 12 years’ experience in the self storage industry, has been an integral asset to the growth of The Box as well as the UAE self storage industry in general.


5 ways managers can motivate workers in the office

As a manager, it is your responsibility to make sure that the employees in your office are being productive. If the office is not turning out work the way that it should be, it can reflect poorly on you and your management skills.

If the office is not turning out work the way that it should be, it can reflect poorly on you and your management skills.

The best way to make sure that your employees are being productive is to keep them motivated. Motivation is the key to success.

There are a few things that you can do as a manager to make sure that your employees are motivated enough to produce the work that you expect from them.

1) Recognize Their Hard Work

When you can see that your employees are working really hard, it is important that their hard work is recognized. If they continue to work hard and you say nothing, they won’t be as motivated to keep working hard.

If they continue to work hard and you say nothing, they won’t be as motivated to keep working hard.

You can recognize their hard work and achievements in a few ways. You can hand out certificates and recognize certain hardworking employees in front of the entire office during a meeting.

If your budget allows, you can offer an annual bonus at the end of the year for the employees who have worked the hardest. Even telling your employees regularly that they are doing a good job goes a long way.

Even telling your employees regularly that they are doing a good job goes a long way.

2) Keep Them Comfortable

If your employees are going to be productive, they need to be comfortable. If your employees are sitting in uncomfortable chairs, they will need to reposition often to stay comfortable.

They may even need to get up and take a walk after sitting in an uncomfortable chair for too long.

When they are trying to get comfortable, they are not doing their work. If you give your employees ergonomic office chairs, they will remain comfortable all day and they won’t need to waste precious time trying to get comfortable.

3) Give Them Regular Breaks

In order for your employees to be productive, they need to be at their desks doing their work. If you are burned out, however, you cannot expect them to be motivated.

It is important for your employees to step away from their work from time to time to recalibrate and refresh themselves.

If you give your employees a 15-minute break in the morning and a 15-minute break in the afternoon on top of their lunch break, it will give them a chance to step away from work for a while.

If they need to make phone calls, answer personal emails, use the restroom, or get something to eat, a 15-minute break is a perfect time to do so.

When they come back, they will have handled what they needed to and it won’t be in the back of their mind. This will allow them to focus completely on their work when they come back from their break.

This will allow them to focus completely on their work when they come back from their break.

4) Set Several Small Goals While Working On a Big Project

If your employees are working on a big project that seems like it will never end, it is easy for them to lose their interest and motivation.

If you break up the project into smaller parts, your employees will have something to work towards. When they are meeting several small goals, they will be more motivated to keep working hard to reach each one.

When they are meeting several small goals, they will be more motivated to keep working hard to reach each one.

5) Encourage Teamwork

If you want to keep your employees motivated, you are not the only motivational force in the office. Your employees can motivate each other. 

Rather than calling them employees, you should be calling them members of a team.

When your employees are working hard and pulling together to meet a deadline, they will all come together to reach the common goal.

If one or two employees lose their motivation, the other members of their team will be there to get them back on track.

It can be difficult to you as the manager to make sure that all of your employees are motivated to reach their goals.  When all of your employees are working together to achieve the goals that have been set, they can motivate each other.

As a manager, it is up to you to make sure that your office is turning out the necessary work. The best way to do this is to keep them motivated so that they want work hard and reach the goals that you have set for them.

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This article was written by Adam Robertson. Adam is a professional in the office furnishings industry. He works for Allard Office Furniture, an office furniture company which has 18 years of shared experience in office desks, chairs, supplies, and accessories.

Are you a startup? This office setup is for you

Congratulations! on your business venture and I wish you all the best.

At this point, you must be feeling overwhelmed by the number of things you need to be done to successfully launch your business.

One thing that is never enough with startups is money. But you don’t have to break your bank for this,  there is still tomorrow.

Top on your checklist should be furniture for your business. The basic and most important furniture you require is a desk and a chair.

Office desks and chairs come in various makes, sizes, and colors. Your choice depends on your budget and style.

This is ‘Njaa-nuary’ and I understand what’s going on. I requested one of our sales Person Julius to create the cheapest office setup for startups, below is what he proposed.

Affordable office furniture setup for startups

What you are getting?

  1. Brand new furniture, if you like we can deliver it packed in boxes and assemble it at your place
  2. Medium back fabric office chair (available in colors blue or black)
  3. 1.2 Meters office desk with attached drawers ( available in colors Cherry, Beech)

Affordable office furniture setup for startups

Affordable office furniture setup for startups


If you are a startup get in touch with Julius regarding this and other options via email jmasiga(at)

Don’t be left behind! we are offering state-of-the-art conference room solutions

A modern conference room is a place where business deals are made, business decisions are made and new ideas are born.

Having the right modern technologies and office furniture in your conference room helps create a collaborative and comfortable environment which is known to boost productivity.

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After years of providing stand-alone meeting/ boardroom tables, we are introducing a new service to complement our meeting tables.

Inspired by modern technologies, we are offering a complete boardroom solution. This is a state-of-the-art conference room that offers below features.

  1. Wired & Wireless Presentation System – seamless and non-complicated setup
  2. Bring your Own Device – can connect PC, Mac, Android or iOS
  3. Video & Audio Conferencing Compatible with any System (Polycom, Avaya, Cisco, IP based)
  4. Lighting, Curtains, Air-conditioning & Room Automation
  5. Customized Furniture with Cable Management & Facilities

DSC_0682 - Copy

This solution comes with a cool system that controls your conference room aspects such as; lighting, curtains, Air-conditioning, sound and video, with all the features being remotely controlled.

Another awesome feature is the multi-purpose screen. The screen can be used for video conferencing, digital whiteboard or as a computer monitor where you can access the internet among others.

DSC_0778 - Copy


  1. Quality assured
  2. Business quality & world class brands
  3. Full end to end service and support
  4. Innovative solutions to suit your needs & budget
  5. Reduced infrastructure expenditure
  6. Leasing Solutions Available

DSC_0730 - Copy

We already have a modern conference room set up at our showroom in Westlands, you are free to visit and experience what we are offering.

5 simple office accessories you are missing in your office

Just like home, its equally important to accessorize your work space to give it a personal touch and make it look attractive.

There are lots of accessories you can add to your work space for aesthetic purposes, but, i will focus on accessories that can improve your productivity at the office.

1. CPU Holder

As the name suggest, it holds your computer CPU instead of placing it on the floor or on the desk.

CPU holder saves on space which can be used for other purposes.

We stock two types of CPU holders.

  1. Attached to your desk – This holder is attached below your desk.(Pictured Below)
  2. A Simple CPU trolley – This is a much simpler solution where you place your CPU on a mobile trolley, on the floor.

Metallic CPU Holder – Attached to the desk

2. Foot Stool

Poor seating position negatively impact your body particularly the back and legs which can reduce your productivity.

A foot stool provides significant ergonomic benefit. It eases leg problems and lessen lower back issues


3. Paper tray

This simple office accessory helps organize documents on your work desk. It saves you time that you might spend looking for documents and help prioritize your work.


4. Coat Hanger

Most workers place their coats behind their seats and lean on as they work, while others place them inside the filing drawers which end up creasing or causing tear to the garments.

Coat hanger will help hold your coat safely until you need it.


5. Cable management spine

This accessory keeps all your cables well organized at your work area, leaving it more presentable and help avoid accidents.

Cable Management spine

Cable Management spine

These are just some of the office accessories that we sell, you can view more [button href=”” icon_size=”12″ animation_delay=”0″ class=”” target=”” color=”alternative” dimension=”normal” icon=”None” animation=”” animate=”” ]HERE![/button]

Hard time finding an ideal conference table? 5 Key points to help you out

Meetings are part of every business and a meeting table plays a major role in ensuring comfortability during the meeting or conference.

Conference or meeting tables come in different sizes, designs, make and color, the choice depends on the customer’s taste and preferences.

When it comes to shopping for conference tables, the task can be unnerving, that’s why I am here to help you get the right conference table to suit your business.

Below are 5 key points you should consider when shopping for one, and not to mention, At victoria furnitures ltd we offer all these varieties and advise you accordingly, following each and every key point below.

That’s why you should visit our showrooms to have a look.


How big is your conference room?

When you approach me looking for a conference table I’m sure of one thing;

You already have a space …..

But I will also need to know, how big that space is! The space will guide us on the size of the conference table you require. That’s why when going to ‘shop’ for a conference table you need to know the room size and you will be advised accordingly.

But if you can’t, I’m always available to pay you a visit and help you out.

Remember! Not only, should you consider space for the table but it’s also important to leave enough room for the chairs and allow movement around the conference room.

Keep in mind you might require additional furniture for the conference room for example, serving credenzas, bookshelves, projector screens, podium among others.


Colour emphasizes on the company’s image, and if possible, go for colours that are close to your corporate branding. Note that, color can also be used to create mood.

You should maintain rhythm depending on whether there is existing furniture in your conference room, by matching your new conference table to the existing furniture.

As a business, the image you project is important, and a room full of mismatched furniture would likely contradict the desired corporate image. If you do not have existing furniture consider the possibility of future purchases and ensure you can get those items in the same color or finish of the conference table you are planning to purchase.


Victoria furnitures offers many collections and one of them being a modular conference table that come in parts. The benefit of this conference table is its flexibility. You can restructure the

table depending with number of staff you are expecting, by removing or adding parts of the table. Please note,

A large conference table capable of seating thirty people may look impressive, but it may appear overdone, if your meetings typically consist of only ten or less people.


One common mistake people make when selecting a conference table is choosing one that is not proportional to the conference chairs they intend to use.

Avoid pairing your conference table with conference chairs that are too large , making people feel curbed and too close together, and vice versa.


Conference tables come in different variations in terms of Shape.

The shape determines how well a conference table may fit into a room, I.e. for a small room, an oval conference table would not only fit perfectly but also seat many people compared to a rectangular one.

Again, these shapes can actually influence the mood of your conference room. I.e.,

  1. A round table keeps everyone on a parallel level and emboldens alliance.
  2. A rectangular table, on the other hand, can place one person at the head of the group and establish a hierarchy within your conference room.
  3. Boat shaped conference tables are another option that is becoming more common, and allow for a mix of hierarchical positioning and collaboration…………………

[button href=”” icon_size=”12″ animation_delay=”0″ class=”” target=”” color=”alternative” dimension=”large” icon=”thumbs-o-up” animation=”” animate=”” ]View our conference tables[/button]

If you got any question contact me or leave a comment below.

7 tips to help you avoid back pains at the office

Studies have shown that sitting at your desk all day is not good for your overall health and can lead to back pains.

However you can use below quick tips to help you stay away from back pains.

1. Make sure your lower back is curved naturally forward

This helps to reduce strain on your back. Many ergonomically-designed chairs have a “lumbar support” built into them that is designed to maintain the curve.

If your chair doesn’t not have a lumbar support, you can buy a lumbar support pillow to stick behind your back.

If you can’t do that, it is best to sit forward in your chair so you can let your spine fall naturally into a forward curve.

[call_two href=”” colortext=”#000000″ background_color=”#ffffff” font_size=”32″ label_button=”Go to Orthopaedic chairs” label_size=”30″ class=”call-to-action-two” animation_delay=”0″ animate=”” ]Have a look at our ergonomic office chairs[/call_two]


Make sure your keyboard and mouse are at the same level.


The computer monitor should be directly in front of you. This way you will not lean or have a hunched back.


Every 30 minutes, make sure you go on a break. A small walk, a toilet break or just climbing stairs for five minutes will help your posture.


Keep telling yourself to sit straight and don’t bend your neck too much to look down at the keyboard.


Keeping your knees at 90 degrees helps. When the knees are directly over your ankles, then the spine is comfortable.


Your torso should be about an arm’s length away from the monitor, which should be 2 to 3 inches above eye level.

Workspace setup guide

Workspace setup guide

Check out our office desks gallery plus tips on choosing a perfect office desk

Before you purchase your office desk you need to consider or ask yourself few questions this is because the right desk can help you immeasurably in accomplishing tasks in a comfortable, ergonomic and productive manner.

Below are few questions that you need to ask yourself before purchasing an office desk.

  1. Will the desk suit your work style and meet your job needs?
  2. Will its size fit well within the parameters and constraints of your office or work space?
  3. Can the desk surface withstand the daily-use demands of your particular job and work environment?
  4. What’s your budget?

Once you’ve  decided on what you want, its time to ‘shop’ for a company to supply you with the desk and watch out for the fakes…they are just everywhere! and bear in mind cheap can be very expensive. That said,

At victoria furnitures we have in-house designer who can visit you onsite to take actual measurement of your space in order to make sure the desk we will supply will perfectly fit and if need be he can come up with 3D visualization drawing on how you space will look and make recommendations.

Below are types of desks we stock based on the make;

  • Laminate: Popular choice

A plastic finish that is applied to a wood core, laminate is affordable, durable, and withstands more than pure wood or veneer. It also comes in a wide array of colors and wood grain patterns. For a quality laminate that will better withstand daily use and abuse, look for a desk with a thick, high pressure laminate.

  • Metal or Steel: Durable choice

Although not the most professional in appearance, metal or steel desks are reasonably priced and good for desks subject to long-term heavy use or for high- traffic areas. Better quality desks of this type can be assessed in part by checking and feeling the desks overall weight.

  • Wood or Veneer: Elegant choice

Veneer is a thin surface layer of wood glued to a more inferior base. Wood and veneer desks generally look more attractive than other types of desk, but they are typically more expensive and considerably more delicate; they nick more easily and are not suited for rough or heavy use.

  • Tempered glass desk: Sleek, Minimalist and Elegant choice – This is toughened glass check out number 19, 20 and 21

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[highlight text_color=”#000″ background_color=”#f7c104″ ]Below are some of our desk gallery displayed in our westlands showroom.[/highlight] 1





















We have opened a new showroom along mombasa road next to The Panari Hotel

If you like one of the above, fill out a quick form on the left, submit and we will get back to you.


How to Choose the Perfect Office Carpet

Choosing the right carpet for your office involves many of the same steps as selecting new home carpeting. At the most basic level, you need to decide on colors and styles.

You have to calculate the amount of carpet needed to cover the office floor, as well as consider the potential wear on the carpet based on traffic levels.

Your budget will be a major determinant of your final decision in at least three ways: how much you can spend on purchase and installation, what the new carpet will cost to maintain, and what down-time costs you may incur during the carpet’s installation.

Equally important are intangible factors such as what your office decor, including the carpet, says about you and what image it conveys to your customers.

Step 1

Discuss the elements of choosing carpeting for your office with supervisors and co-workers. Try to reach a consensus on the style and color of carpet that will go best with your existing office decor and furnishings.

Step 2

Gauge how the area to be carpeted is normally used. Take into account the nature of the business and the type of work performed, as well as the amount of traffic to which the carpet will be subjected.

If you are selecting carpet for high-end lawyers’ offices, choose something that both feels and looks luxurious and sends a reassuring message to your wealthy clients.

For an auto parts store or computer repair shop, choose a lower-pile, industrial style carpet that will be easy to maintain and clean.

Step 3

Compare the costs of two or three different brands of similar carpeting to ensure you get the best value for your money. Ask other purchasers or interior decorating specialists about each brand’s durability, stain-resistance and ease of cleaning.

Step 4

Request details about installation and any disruptions this will cause your business. Some carpet tiles or pieced carpets can be easily installed around existing furniture and fixtures and can be installed one area at a time, limiting the amount of upheaval for workers and allowing some level of business to continue during installation.

Wall-to-wall carpeting, on the other hand, may offer a smooth, seamless appearance, but typically requires complete removal of all items, including furniture and cubicle walls, from the space to be covered.

Unless you can easily move your entire staff and operations to another space during this time, you will lose productive time while the carpeting is being installed.

At victoria furnitures limited we offer wide range of office carpets. Visit our westlands showroom to view samples or email your inquiry to or call 0770876 140

What is An Ergonomic office Chair

An ergonomic office chair is designed to keep a person comfortable while at work, so they can focus on doing the best possible job.

They are designed to minimize physical effort and discomfort, and hence maximize efficiency.

Benefits of Ergonomic chair

One of the primary advantages that an ergonomic office chair has over a standard office chair is back support.

While virtually all office chairs have a small pad for the back, ergonomic office chairs usually have both the classic backrest as well as a lumbar support.

This keeps the spine straight and absorbs shock to limit the stress the back is exposed to, during a long day.

These chairs are designed not only to make work more comfortable but by extension to make the workers themselves more efficient.

Quick tips before selecting a good  ergonomic office chair

The selection of a suitable chair is a critical step in preventing health problems in people who work in a sitting position.

With the ergonomics approach, sitting is viewed as a specific, specialized activity which is influenced by the way that a sitting person interacts with the working environment.

  • One chair does not fit everyone. The users’ body dimensions must be used when selecting a chair so that it does not strain one part of the body while fitting another.
  • Collect data about the user’s body height. The optimal seat height is about one-quarter of the body height. This is only a rule of thumb since the torso-to-leg ratio can vary widely..
  • No one chair is suitable for every activity. For example, dentists require a different chair than do industrial workers or computer operators
  • Consider maintenance and repair costs. Check with the manufacturer for items to inspect for and how often inspection should be done.

Features to consider when purchasing an ergonomic office chair.

  • Adjustability – Check to see that seat height is adjustable.
  • Seat height range – Check whether the seat height can be adjusted to the height recommended for the worker(s) who will use it. Other chairs may have to be selected for very short or tall workers.
  • Backrest – Check to see that the backrest is adjustable both vertically and in the frontward and backward direction.
  • Seat depth – Select the seats that suit the tallest and the shortest users
  • Stability – Check for the stability of the chair; a five-point base is recommended.

Other features to consider

  • See if the selected chair has features that will help someone do their job better. Armrests with adjustable heights are good for computer operators. Wider or narrower armrests may also be required depending on the worker’s dimensions and tasks they do.
  • See if the selected chair has features that will make doing a job more difficult. An example may be that someone may be using a chair with casters or wheels when a stable and stationary work position would be better. If chairs with casters are needed, choose ones that match the type of flooring you have (carpeting or hard floors).

At victoria furnitures, we offer a wide range of ergonomic office chairs. For any questions and purchase contact us