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Becoming more productive in the office may take time, but using these tips can help you make small changes that will have a big impact on your productivity and increase your career success.

  1. Create a regular sleep schedule

The success of all the other tips for increasing productivity at work are dependent on this first tip. The reason being quality sleep improves both mental and physical health thus allowing us to focus on task without underlying fatigue or exhaustion.

Monitor your sleeping habit for a week or more, noting the time you go to bed, the time you wake up and the number of hours you sleep on average. 

  1. Plan your calendar

With the introduction of smartphones and other hand-held devices, you can easily create a calendar that you can use track your activities of the day. Use your calendar to investigate your workflow and productivity making sure to take notes for review in order to eliminate time wasters.

  1. Create goals and break them into tasks

Most professionals are tasked with goals whether they’re sales goals, service goals or other goals related to the mission of the company. Annual goals are achieved when they’re broken down into specific doable tasks that can be attained on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

  1. Create contact time vs focused time

An office environment even a home office is filled with numerous distraction’s such as phone calls, emails, texts and face-to-face conversations. Schedule quiet, task focused time when you’re not available for meetings or calls, allowing you to create time to work through your necessary daily tasks.

  1. Create scheduled breaks

While you may have been granted limited number of breaks by your employer that allow you to leave your desk during the day, you can create small breaks for yourself while you tackle your tasks, you can use stretch exercises to move your muscles and improve flexibility and blood flow while seated at your desk.


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