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Natural light at the workplace affects several health aspects such as mood, Vitamin-D levels, eyesight, and sleep. A study carried out by HR advisory firm, Future Workplace, revealed that employees sitting near the window are more likely to show up for work and have heightened productivity compared to those sitting under artificial light.

Mood Enhancement

Natural light enhances mood. Light has an effect on the hypothalamus in the brain which influences the body’s internal clock and the production of melatonin and serotonin. Those not exposed to natural light are more likely to see a drop in their mood and as a consequence – their productivity.


Those who work in the arts, be it writing, painting, singing e.t.c would agree that natural light is vital in stimulating creativity. Therefore, installing large windows at the office would expose employees to as much natural light as possible and therefore vastly improve their creativity and productivity.


Natural light from the sun is the main source of Vitamin D and those not exposed could develop a deficiency. A Vitamin-D deficiency can lead to problems with the bones, teeth, and muscles which could lead to other health issues. These health issues could impact employee productivity.


Research conducted by Cornell University in 2017 revealed that office workers reported a 51% drop in eyestrain and a 63% drop in headaches as a result of exposure to natural light. Eye strain can be attributed to a condition called Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) and is said to affect 70 million employees around the world. CVS could be reduced significantly by the introduction of natural light. Improved eye health will enable employees at the office to concentrate more at work, therefore, improving their work output.


Another benefit of natural light is better sleep. Research conducted by the Northwestern University of Chicago concluded that office workers who spent time in artificial light had 46 minutes less sleep than those in offices with windows. And it’s known, more sleep equals higher productivity as sleep is important in the restoration of the body and mind.


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