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When working at an office and spending hours sitting at your computer you can often forget to sit in the right posture therefore leading to muscle pain. The muscle pain could cause discomfort and uneasiness which will make you less productive at your workspace. Being aware of all the bad postures you can make at your desk will make it easy for you to avoid them and this will have a positive impact on your health and productivity.

  1. Slouching

It is easy to find yourself slouched over your phone or laptop/computer for long hours. Being locked on the screen for a long period of time while slouched can take a toll on your muscles, joints and ligaments and make you suffer from severe lower back pain. To avoid slouching you first have to make it a habit to check your posture throughout the day and make necessary corrections (

  1. Hunching your shoulders

Hunched shoulders are when you roll your shoulders forward thus increasing the curvature of your upper spine and pulls the head and neck in an unhealthy tilt. To prevent this, when seated your buttocks and shoulder blades should touch the back of your chair with a slight arc on your lower back. Also try to keep your neck inline with your shoulder blades and with your chin slightly up. An orthopaedic chair is also essential as it allows the user to align the curve of the chair with the spine and keeps the back supported throughout the day. (

  1. Gazing downwards for prolonged time

Looking down at your keyboard or smartphone lying flat on the desk for a prolonged period is a bad posture. Your head is heavy, so when you place it in a tilted position for a long period of time will exert pressure on your neck and upper back. To avoid this posture, hold your head high parallel to the floor. In addition, keep your computer and hand-held devices in line with your sight. A monitor arm or desk riser would really come in handy.

  1. Standing more than sitting

You probably have an idea that standing is good for your productivity and health, however prolonged standing is as bad as prolonged sitting. To avoid this, it is better to stand for shorter durations and regular intervals.

  1. Using your couch for work

Using your computer while sitting on your couch for a prolonged time will definitely make you adopt a bad posture. The solution for this, is simply considering setting up a home office consisting of an ergonomic office chair and office desk.

  1. Adjusting your office chair based on your feet placement only

You probably believe sitting with both feet resting flat on the floor, is the right position and it’s true to some extent but in the long run it’s not enough and can lead to bad posture. To manage foot position, you need to get a footrest. Another tip is to achieve the proper posture at the computer you need to focus on your forearms. They need to align your desk’s height and form a right angle with your arms

  1. Not stretching throughout the day

You can often become too bound to your work at the desk that you hardly get some time to move and stretch. Staying in one position for a prolonged time will make your muscles sore and lead to bad posture therefore it is essential to change your position and stretch frequently and at regular intervals.


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