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When you look around your office you may see some things that need replacing. Some things may stand out, like getting a fast new computer or a printer that doesn’t jam and some may go unnoticed like your office chair. The office chair is the most important component of office ergonomics and having the wrong chair can cause many problems that reduce your ability to work effectively and efficiently. Here are some things you need to look for to tell if you need to replace your chair.

  1. Damage to the chair or its parts

This is probably the most obvious reason you should replace your desk chair. Of course, some kind of damage will be more noticeable than others like some parts of the chair falling apart. There are some early signs of damage that you can look for e.g., loose or stuck wheels, knobs or levers such as those controlling the seat height or the backrest that do not allow you to make adjustments, then you need to consider getting a new chair.

  • Flattened seat cushion

Over time, the foam in your seat begins to compress and flatten. When the seat cushion compresses there is less support on your body weight, this exerts stress on your lower back, causing pain. Pain on your lower back can not only affect your productivity at the office but also your ability to do tasks in your daily life.

  • Improperly fitted chair

There is a possibility that your chair was never right for you. For instance, if you took over an existing office space that was already furnished. Some chairs may have armrests too far apart that can’t be adjusted inwards far enough to suit your body. Other chairs may have backrests designed for people who are taller or shorter than you. If you will be spending much time in your office chair then it may be worth replacing it with one that is best suited for your individual needs, your body will thank you for this.

  • Personal preference

Sometimes there isn’t any scientific reason to replace a chair. The reason could be as simple as how comfortable it is or it’s color which is just as good of a reason to replace your office chair as any of the reasons above. Choosing the right chair for you is important as you spend so much time sitting on it. You may not love your current chair and at the same time you may lack a reason to replace it. Listen to your body, it knows better.

Do I Need a New Chair?

Are you still wondering if you need a new office chair? If you have additional questions, we are here to help. We also have a wide array of chairs to choose from, ranging from quality budget friendly task chairs to top of the line orthopaedic chairs, all in various colors and designs. We’ll give you free expert advice that will help you find the chair that best suits your needs.


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