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Motorized power module

Motorized power module; It has ports for HDMI, VGA, Network ports and audio.

Fabric Screens

Available in Red, Green, Blue


Desktop Screens: Height 500Mm * Thickness 30Mm Full Height Screens: Height 1200Mm * Thickness  30Mm Height 1600Mm * Thickness 30Mm

CPU Metallic trolley

Computer CPU metallic trolley holder

Wooden Podium – VFW

Office wooden podium with drawers.

Foot Rest

  • Designed to keep your feet supported and comfortable keeping the blood circulation regular.
  • It can help to prevent varicose veins and pressure on the Achiles tendon which are caused for being seated for long hours.
  • Made for high impact polystyrene.
  • Tilts (0° to 20°) to provide the most comfortable angle.
  • Large platform: 450 x 350mm.
  • Non slip surface enhances overall stability.