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  1. Wake up at the right time

Being successful means waking up early – or so we have been constantly told. Waking up at ungodly hours won’t magically solve your time management problems, for some it can even be counterproductive. The trick is finding a routine that works for you and that means paying attention to when you feel most tired and most awake.

  1. Don’t immediately grab your phone

When you wake up and immediately check your phone, you’re being bombarded with messages, emails, to-dos and other stimuli which often creates a feeling of stress and anxiety. These stimuli are not giving you time and space to start your day calmly and are more likely to increase stress and leave you feeling overwhelmed.

  1. Make your bed

Accomplishing the first task of the day motivates you to take up all upcoming tasks.

  1. Exercising

Physical activity lets you de-stress, think better and sleep better. This could be a simple 10-minute jog, walk or hop on a treadmill and is more effective in the morning as it helps stimulate your endorphins and metabolism.

  1. Eat breakfast

Breakfast gives you energy for the first half of your workday and helps boost your memory and concentration. Of course, healthy options like berries, eggs, avocados, coffee or smoothies.

  1. Meditating

Meditating is a very effective way to rest your body and reduce anxiety levels, it helps you calm down and unwind. It’s easy and can be done at any time or place.

  1. Schedule your time

You know what things needs to get done, so you need to schedule your time accordingly otherwise you will wander.  How do you prioritize them? What is a precise date on which you plan to get them done? Do you have a deadline to stick to? Answering these questions and planning accordingly is easier with a schedule.

  1. Plan out mini-tasks

It’s a good idea to break up big tasks into smaller tasks. Start with a specific item and move on from there until you have finished all of it and then move to the next item on your list. The feeling of fulfillment you get when you complete a task, regardless of how small it is remains and pushes you to get more done.

  1. Take a break

Overworking leads to fatigue and that’s when you tend to get distracted or procrastinate. Take frequent breaks to avoid overloading your mind and body.

  1. Declutter your desk

Distracting items should be removed from your desk and keep only the essentials that actually help you successfully perform your job. Clutter can cause disorganization and chaos in your mind hence making it difficult to relax and focus on tasks.


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