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Chesterfield chairs have a very distinctive and vintage look to them. They are often characterized by their high-quality stained leather, deep buttoning, low back and high arms. This style classic has graduated from the gentleman’s club and stately homes of the British Empire and nowadays can be found almost anywhere whether it’s in a hotel lobby, an office, or in people’s homes.

History of Chesterfield furniture

The term “Chesterfield” was first used to describe furniture in the 1800s. However, the beginning of this story is said to have originated long before then. Although there is no way of validating this particular piece of information, it is said that the fourth Earl of Chesterfield – Lord Philip Stanhope, was the first person to commission a Chesterfield sofa – hence the name. 

On his deathbed, Lord Phillip was said to have passed on his Chesterfield sofa to his godson, who proudly displayed it in his home. In its new residence, it was greatly admired by visitors where many went on to have their own versions made. This is how this style of furniture made its way into the homes of the British upper class.

The contemporary Chesterfield chairs

Practicality was valued over comfort during Lord Phillip’s era, but this all changed in the new century. Since then, the design of the Chesterfield has adapted and grown to include flair, practicality and versatility. Its look still remains elegant and timeless, but it has transcended beyond featuring in only the wealthiest of homes. Now, it will work with traditional or modern decor and a small or larger budget. When shopping for a Chesterfield today, there are more options available to match your home’s or office requirements. From fabrics to colours, to studding – the choices are limitless. These stunning chairs also come in a variety of styles.

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