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The seat and back of an Orthopaedic chair are not made of traditional upholstery but instead are lined with an intricate network of polyester mesh. This makes it light, flexible and breathable for a comfortable seating experience.

Scientific Research

An Orthopaedic chair involves a lot of research and development, testing of materials, concept iterations and involves the work and input of many scientists, engineers, designers, technologists and even health care professionals.

Quality and Durability

Orthopaedic chairs are constructed from materials such as wood, metal, high-end plastic and come in a variety of fabrics, finishes and flexible mesh. The chairs are put through rigorous testing methods for functionality and durability. These tests will determine the stability, strength, and reliability of the chair by applying standardized simulations of functional use as well as expected misuse.


Orthopaedic chairs are designed with mechanisms that allow users to easily adjust the seat height, back angle, seat depth, chair tilt, arm location, seat tension and even the location of the lumbar support. The chair is able to adapt to your body type, working conditions and personal preference.


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