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If you’re looking for a new desk for your office there are so many factors to consider such as shape, size color, height adjustable and material. When it comes to materials your desk will be made from, there are usually only a few options, wood and glass. Of the two, there is no doubt glass is the classier option. But before you get carried away with the pleasing aesthetics that comes with having a glass desk, it is important to keep in mind it’s pitfalls. So before pulling the trigger on that shiny glass desk you need to consider all its pros and cons.

Why is a Glass Desk Ideal?

  1. Brightens up your space

The transparency of glass provides the illusion of a more open and lighter space, by introducing glass furniture; you can transform the smallest and darkest of rooms, making them appear well-lit and uncluttered.

  1. Easy to clean

Glass being a non-absorbent material makes it easy to clean compared to wooden desks which can absorb stains and spillages.

  1. It’s tough

Many people think that glass is fragile and could shatter easily but these are unfounded fears. Modern tempered glass is extremely tough because it goes through a manufacturing process by controlled thermal or chemical treatments, making it four times stronger than regular glass. Although tempered glass can break, and shatter, it does so in a safe way (relatively small and harmful pieces) compared to regular glass which breaks in to large, irregular shaped shards.

  1. Oozes style

Perhaps the biggest pro for having a glass desk is the fact that it’s very attractive and looks super modern. If you have guests having this sleek appearance shows you are a professional organization that are adaptable and keen to move with the times, and these days such qualities could be the difference between a business deal and no business deal.

What to consider when buying Glass Desks

  1. Cost

Glass desks can be more expensive than regular desk and there are two main reasons why that is. The first is the painstaking process of cutting, drilling and fitting with a tabletop. The second reason is that glass isn’t necessarily the cheapest material, and with that said we still think buying a glass desk is still a worthy investment

  1. Dust and fingerprints

Glass is very prone to fingerprints, smudges and dust which means that it must be cleaned regularly and perhaps a little higher maintenance than other desk top surfaces.

  1. Cable management

A glass desk is not ideal when it comes to cable managements because it allows you to have a clear view of the cables, so if you’re planning to set up your desk and are concerned about cable management then a glass desk is not the right choice.

  1. Heavy

This is not really a problem if you’re planning to stay put for a few years, but if you like to move around you may find moving your desk could be a two-person job. Additionally, there is the risk of breaking or chipping it when dropped, which could easily and really hurt your toe or hand if you are not wearing something protective. 


At the end of the day, glass is class and looks both modern and chic. It has longevity too that is unrivalled against regular wooden desks. There is no doubt that by buying a glass desk you will feel elevated and professional, you may even find your thinking even becomes clearer as a result!  Check out (https:(// for the biggest range of glass furniture (executive desks, conference tables, round meeting tables and even coffee tables) around, where you’re sure to find something to fit your requirements and your budget.


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