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Choosing a suitable monitor and placing it in an appropriate position helps reduce exposure to forceful exertions, awkward positions and overhead glare. A monitor arm placed at the appropriate height, distance and angle can help “prevent possible health effects such as excessive fatigue, eye strain, and neck and back pain.

Monitors placed too close or too far away may cause you to assume awkward body positions that may lead to eyestrain.

Viewing distances that are too long can cause you to lean forward and strain to see small text. This can fatigue the eyes and place stress on the torso because the backrest is no longer providing support’

Viewing distances that are too short may cause your eyes to work harder to focus (convergence problems) and may require you to sit in awkward postures. For instance, you may tilt your head backward or push your chair away from the screen, causing you to type with outstretched arms.

Benefits of monitor arms

Reduce Eye and Neck Strain

The first and foremost benefit to using an adjustable monitor arm is the ability to change a monitor’s height, depth and sometimes even its angle. This customization allows a person to position their monitor in the exact spot it needs to be to prevent them from straining their neck and eyes while they use it over an extended period. Ideally, the monitor should be placed directly in the center field of vision, so the viewer does not need to look up or down to see their screen. This direct viewing angle prevents them from developing strain-related neck pain.


With monitor mounts, a person can easily switch their monitor from landscape to portrait mode. They can use additional monitors and adjust them in the same manner, using one in each mode or both in the same position. Many developers take great pride in their development “battle station,” which means they spend a lot of time customizing their desk space to fit their preferred style and function. Being able to use dual monitors side by side at various angles and in different image modes gives users the ultimate customizable viewing experience.

Keep Desks Organized

A cluttered desk is distracting and can reduce a person’s productivity or game performance. A monitor arm lifts the monitor off the desk, creating usable space underneath the screen. A minimalist person can leave this space empty to give their desk a crisp, modern style. On the other hand, this space can be used to store pictures, pens and other things generally found on one’s desk without cluttering the area where a person usually rests their hands.

Improve Posture

An improperly placed monitor forces a person to slouch or hunch over at their desk, which can cause severe back pain and stiffness. Using a monitor arm allows a person to adjust the position of their monitor to promote proper posture. This also applies to those who use a sit/stand desk. The monitor can be positioned in the perfect spot to encourage a person to stand up straight while they are using their computer.

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