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While the majority of people sit down behind their desks, new information about health and productivity have pointed to standing desk risers as the perfect tool to improve your life.

A standing desk riser is not a complete piece of furniture on its own. Instead, it is a sturdy and sleek apparatus designed to be placed on top of an existing desk, table, or other flat surfaces. You can use one on your kitchen table, a workshop countertop, or in your office cubicle.

The variety of standing desk risers include:

  • Different sizes to fit on desks, tables, and counters
  • Adjustable settings to suit people of any height and posture
  • Styles that fit two monitors, a small laptop, separate keyboard drawers, and more

In order to use your standing desk riser with maximum comfort, it might take a bit of time and adjustment to find the right level. You will not get all the benefits of use unless you can adjust it to your unique needs.

Benefits of a standing desk riser.

If you use a computer for part or all of your day, adding in this type of desk converter will offer real benefits it does not matter if you work for a big corporation with many desks shopped together in tiny cubicles, run your own business out of your home, or provide services in a workplace with more hands-on activities.

Increased productivity 

People find that they work with increased focus when they are standing up. Part of this may be because they want to sit down again after they are done with their task. It may also have something to do with increased blood flow due to your upright position. Whatever the particular reason, you will get more done with increased efficiency in a shorter amount of time than ever before

Health Benefits

For most office jobs, you spend numerous hours every year at your desk. Sitting and staring at a computer screen for long periods of time is simply unhealthy.

Numerous studies have shown the health hazards of sitting too much. As a result of these studies, they say “sitting is the new smoking”.

To try and encourage healthier work habits, it’s recently become trendy to stand while working. This necessitates the use of special standing desk equipment to elevate the workspace to a proper level.

However, newer studies show that standing all day isn’t very healthy either. Too much standing can cause spinal compression issues or aggravate pre-existing injuries.

Rather, the ideal health benefits come somewhere in the middle. Some experts advocate for a 20:8:2 system, with 20 minutes of sitting, 8 minutes of standing, and 2 minutes of more vigorous movement, such as stretching or walking.

By using a standing desk properly and balancing standing with sitting, you can expect to see these tremendous health benefits: Improved posture, reduced neck and back pain, more calories burnt and overall increase in energy.


You have already invested in a normal desk, replacing it with a sit stand desk (which adjusts the height of the entire table) could prove unaffordable. And even if you can afford to, where do you leave your old desk? 

Therefore, investing in a standing desk riser solves the issue around affordability as well as provides the same health benefits as a sit stand desk. And because the standing desk riser is mobile, it can be moved around to suit your workspace, whether it’s the kitchen counter, dining table, office, workstation or meeting rooms.

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