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Hard time finding an ideal conference table? 5 Key points to help you out

Meetings are part of every business and a meeting table plays a major role in ensuring comfortability during the meeting or conference.

Conference or meeting tables come in different sizes, designs, make and color, the choice depends on the customer’s taste and preferences.

When it comes to shopping for conference tables, the task can be unnerving, that’s why I am here to help you get the right conference table to suit your business.

Below are 5 key points you should consider when shopping for one, and not to mention, At victoria furnitures ltd we offer all these varieties and advise you accordingly, following each and every key point below.

That’s why you should visit our showrooms to have a look.


How big is your conference room?

When you approach me looking for a conference table I’m sure of one thing;

You already have a space …..

But I will also need to know, how big that space is! The space will guide us on the size of the conference table you require. That’s why when going to ‘shop’ for a conference table you need to know the room size and you will be advised accordingly.

But if you can’t, I’m always available to pay you a visit and help you out.

Remember! Not only, should you consider space for the table but it’s also important to leave enough room for the chairs and allow movement around the conference room.

Keep in mind you might require additional furniture for the conference room for example, serving credenzas, bookshelves, projector screens, podium among others.


Colour emphasizes on the company’s image, and if possible, go for colours that are close to your corporate branding. Note that, color can also be used to create mood.

You should maintain rhythm depending on whether there is existing furniture in your conference room, by matching your new conference table to the existing furniture.

As a business, the image you project is important, and a room full of mismatched furniture would likely contradict the desired corporate image. If you do not have existing furniture consider the possibility of future purchases and ensure you can get those items in the same color or finish of the conference table you are planning to purchase.


Victoria furnitures offers many collections and one of them being a modular conference table that come in parts. The benefit of this conference table is its flexibility. You can restructure the

table depending with number of staff you are expecting, by removing or adding parts of the table. Please note,

A large conference table capable of seating thirty people may look impressive, but it may appear overdone, if your meetings typically consist of only ten or less people.


One common mistake people make when selecting a conference table is choosing one that is not proportional to the conference chairs they intend to use.

Avoid pairing your conference table with conference chairs that are too large , making people feel curbed and too close together, and vice versa.


Conference tables come in different variations in terms of Shape.

The shape determines how well a conference table may fit into a room, I.e. for a small room, an oval conference table would not only fit perfectly but also seat many people compared to a rectangular one.

Again, these shapes can actually influence the mood of your conference room. I.e.,

  1. A round table keeps everyone on a parallel level and emboldens alliance.
  2. A rectangular table, on the other hand, can place one person at the head of the group and establish a hierarchy within your conference room.
  3. Boat shaped conference tables are another option that is becoming more common, and allow for a mix of hierarchical positioning and collaboration…………………

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