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Most workplaces nowadays have an open floor plan. They are deemed as the popular way to maximize space, save on cost, increase collaboration between employees, and it’s also an effective way to counter employees feeling isolated at work.However, this model has its downside. An open-plan workplace tends to have higher levels of noise and distractions, all of which can lower productivity. The solution to this is not reverting to a closed floor plan to create privacy and reduce distractions, but rather, by adding phone booths and meeting pods. They are an affordable option that creates a micro-environment while retaining an open office’s collaborative nature

What is an open office booth, you may ask?
A “booth” sometimes called a “pod”, is acoustic office furniture designed to create quiet spaces for individual work and team meetings. Depending on its use, the booth is typically equipped with a desk, chair, LED lights, electrical outlets, and fan vents for air circulation. The booth isn’t as big or as executive as an official boardroom, but it creates a quiet, multi-use space where employees can go to focus on their work, make a phone call, take meetings or even sit back and unwind when they are away from their desk. In addition, here are six more benefits that might prompt you to consider an office booth in your workspace.

  1. Easy to Install
    Compare to building an entire meeting room which could take months or even years, office booths on the other hand-deliver in terms of implementation. It takes at least 30 days from purchase to set up, which includes manufacturing, customization, and installation. Moreover, because booths aren’t permanent fixtures, you don’t have to worry about negotiating with the landlord to approve renovations.
  2. Reduced cost
    Office booths present a cost-effective alternative to building a room from scratch. This can lower your operating cost by 45% compared to a traditional fit-out, whilst still serving the same function.
  3. Highly Versatile
    Office booths come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your operational needs. Whether you want a four-person meeting room, a single-person workspace or even a place to take a quick nap, the possibilities are almost endless. Also, if you want to make changes to your office layout o need to move to a new location, the booths can easily be reconfigured or moved with minimal disruptions to your office
  4. More Privacy
    If you’ve worked in an office, you’ll know that some conversations are difficult to have in front of your colleagues. Another instance would be sensitive client information you need to discuss privately, and instead of using the stairwell or hallway or even worse walking around the office, the booth comes in handy. Booths support noise occlusion, therefore offering employees a safe, secure space for the privacy they desire and without disrupting everyone else in the office as they do so.
  5. Drives employee productivity
    It is no secret that a major drawback to an open office is the constant noise, when working on something that requires your undivided attention, there’s nothing more distracting than your colleagues on the phone or people chatting away nearby. An office booth provides a quiet spot where employees can sit down and get some work done without being disrupted. So, if you’re looking for a way to boost
    individual focus and work performance adding an office pod could really help.
  6. They look cool!
    Adding a modular piece to your office that increases productivity is great and all, but how about the fact that they provide a fun, eye-catching piece that adds to the style of your open-plan office? The booths have a clean modern design but can also be modified to suit the user’s brand colors and materials.

Ready to try out an office booth?
As you can see, an office booth has many benefits and reasons why it is becoming increasingly popular in the modern workspace. If you’d like to know more about implementing an office booth or meeting pod into your office, do get in touch with us!