What does workstation mean?

A workstation is an area where an individual performs daily work-related tasks, for example in an office setting this might include a desk, writing area, computer and storage area for documents. The workstation should provide the user with space to carry out their typical work duties by allowing the person to use an organized area in order to increase the efficiency of their job tasks.

Since the invention of the desk and filing cabinet, office design was focused on only one thing: space. More specifically, filling that space with as many desks as possible. There was no other motivation but making the most out of the available space, to get the max number of workers in there. Fortunately, times and attitudes have changed. Companies are starting to realize that their employees are the number one asset in the company and are trying to make the time spent in the office as pleasant as possible. As the office evolves from a beige, efficient torture chamber to a comfortable, colorful bay of productivity, different types of office workstations are coming to the forefront. Workers and fostering creativity and productivity are the focus now.

Different Types of Office Workstations

  1. “L” Station

Just like the name suggests, the “L” station is basically L-shaped desk that can be placed in corners where they take up no more space than necessary. Two corners can be placed side by side, four can be placed with their corners meeting in the middle and three can be positioned in architectural features like pillars, therefore turning that obstruction into usable space.      

  1. Side-by-side Workstation

Are also known as linear, straight or row-type workstations. As the name would suggests, these workstations consist of multiple desks that run side-by-side with another. This type of workstation is ideal should for longer spaces. You need to make sure you choose desk runs that allow enough space for each individual to avoid that cramped feeling effect. Side-by-side workstations can come with built-in adjustable partitions that make them suitable for privacy or collaboration depending on the needs of the team.

  1.  Back-to-back WorkStation

This type of workstation is fast becoming the most popular type of office workstation in the modern office. They come in a variety of arrangements. The most basic has one desk separated from another by means of a partition and is referred to as 2-way workstation. However, there are also 4-way and 6-way workstations available. There are different spans too, so you can choose which best works for your space and how many people you want to fit in there.

  1. Sit-Stand Electric Height Adjustable Office Workstation

Nowadays, ergonomics is the word on the mind of many companies and business owners. The risk of sitting at the desk all day has become more widely known. A sit-stand desk that is adjustable can improve posture, circulation, mood and energy levels. Solo sit-stand workstations tend to take more room than the average so they may be best suited in closed office environments.


Hopefully, the points above have helped you better consider the space available of the office, as well as its layout, showing how different workstations work better in different circumstances. Making the best use of your office is about being efficient with the space first and foremost. The more people you can fit ergonomically and comfortably in a space, ensuring it meets their daily working needs, the better. Browse our products or get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.


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