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An organized working environment offers so much more than just a visual appeal. Clutter sends signals to the brain that there’s extra work to do. So, working from a messy desk or cluttered office will be enough to trigger a negative stress response. By organizing your office, you reduce the frequency of that stress. In addition, being organized will help you become more efficient. Searching for paper, files or brochures in a disorganized workspace just wastes time. So, let’s look at some storage solutions to help you create a more organized office.

  1. Filing Cabinets

Files are used for sorting and organizing paperwork, and filing cabinets are used to keep these files. Filing cabinets vary in size depending on what they can store. A4 or foolscaps are the standard file sizes. When considering a filing cabinet, you may want to think about if you want it to be a lateral filing cabinet, which will take up more floor space or a taller narrower vertical filing cabinet. Filing cabinets have lockable drawers and often available in either steel or woodgrain finishes to compliment desk ranges.

  1. Office pedestals

Pedestals are separate units from the desk, providing extra space for stationary items and documents. Usually, they have either 2 or 3 drawers with the shallower top drawers storing stationary items and the lower drawers for filing documents. Desk high pedestals are often fixed, freestanding units and mobile pedestals on castors fit neatly under the desk. 

  1. Bookcases

The bookcase is one of the most popular storage solutions due to its versatility. While many people only think of using a bookcase to store their books, they can also be used for many different items such as awards, magazines, knick-knacks and even company-related information or tools. Perhaps the main disadvantages of using bookcases is that everything that is stored on the shelf is visible, which in some cases could look unsightly.  A solution for this would be opting for a combination unit. These are usually made up of cupboards on the lower section and book shelves above.

  1. Tambour Cupboards

Tambour door or roller shutter cupboards are a clever and innovative way of making use of limited space. It saves space since there are no folding, hinged or sliding doors to get in the way.

A tambour door system in front of an entrance is ideal as it avoids conflicts between the front door and the cupboard door.

  1. Shelving Unit

These units consist of three basic components: posts, beams, and shelves. One of the best things about this type of shelving is that it can utilize unused air space. Another great benefit is how simple this style of shelving is to assemble and can be done in just minutes. Shelving units are a very versatile storage solution which can be used to store almost anything such as surplus boxes, apparatuses and other office supplies. 


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