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5 simple office accessories you are missing in your office

Just like home, its equally important to accessorize your work space to give it a personal touch and make it look attractive.

There are lots of accessories you can add to your work space for aesthetic purposes, but, i will focus on accessories that can improve your productivity at the office.

1. CPU Holder

As the name suggest, it holds your computer CPU instead of placing it on the floor or on the desk.

CPU holder saves on space which can be used for other purposes.

We stock two types of CPU holders.

  1. Attached to your desk – This holder is attached below your desk.(Pictured Below)
  2. A Simple CPU trolley – This is a much simpler solution where you place your CPU on a mobile trolley, on the floor.

Metallic CPU Holder – Attached to the desk

2. Foot Stool

Poor seating position negatively impact your body particularly the back and legs which can reduce your productivity.

A foot stool provides significant ergonomic benefit. It eases leg problems and lessen lower back issues


3. Paper tray

This simple office accessory helps organize documents on your work desk. It saves you time that you might spend looking for documents and help prioritize your work.


4. Coat Hanger

Most workers place their coats behind their seats and lean on as they work, while others place them inside the filing drawers which end up creasing or causing tear to the garments.

Coat hanger will help hold your coat safely until you need it.


5. Cable management spine

This accessory keeps all your cables well organized at your work area, leaving it more presentable and help avoid accidents.

Cable Management spine

Cable Management spine

These are just some of the office accessories that we sell, you can view more [button href=”” icon_size=”12″ animation_delay=”0″ class=”” target=”” color=”alternative” dimension=”normal” icon=”None” animation=”” animate=”” ]HERE![/button]


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